3 Things to Know About Smartphone or Tablet Repairs

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When you purchase a new smartphone or tablet, it’s a big expense, and one that you want to pay off for several years to come.


When you purchase a new smartphone or tablet, it’s a big expense, and one that you want to pay off for several years to come. Unfortunately these little computers that can fit in our bags and our pockets often go through a lot of abuse, which means they could end up getting damaged over time. The cost to replace a smartphone or a tablet for small damages often isn’t worth it; instead, you can get them repaired to save money and prolong the useful life of your device. Here are some tips to help you with those repairs.

DIY Usually Is Not a Good Idea

There are plenty of things that you can do yourself to save money, but phone and tablets repairs are usually not one of those things. Unless you have specialized knowledge and experience with these repairs, the risks of doing damage to your device usually outweigh the benefits. In many cases you could do more damage than the original issue by trying to repair it yourself—in fact, you could do enough damage that even an experienced smartphone repair shop like PC Laptops won’t be able to help and you’ll be forced to purchase a new device.

You May Void a Warranty by Doing it Yourself

If you purchased some type of warranty protection and you try to do repairs on your own, you may void the warranty, even if the repair is on a part of the device not included in the warranty. For example, if you purchased a warranty that doesn’t cover a cracked screen (most don’t) and you try to repair the screen yourself, that could still void the warranty if you damage other parts of the device that would be covered. For that reason, it’s usually better to have a certified technician perform the repairs because he or she is unlikely to cause further damage.

Bringing it to PC Laptops is Easy & Quick

Rather than trying to hassle with getting replacement parts, finding the right tools, creating a safe workspace where you can do your repairs, and worrying that you could void your warranty or do more damage, you can bring it to PC Laptops. Our certified repair technicians have extensive experience fixing iPhones and Android phones, as well as all types of tablets—iPads, Kindle, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, and more.

It’s important to backup your device before you arrive (while our technicians are certified, there are still unexpected things that can happen during a repair), and share any applicable passwords with the technician when you arrive so he or she can quickly work on your device. It’s also a good idea to share any information you have about all types of damage so they can address all your needs properly.

Come see us at PC Laptops, our Utah and Nevada stores are open and available to serve you with cell phone repairs. You can also schedule a time to bring in your phone or tablet to avoid wait times.

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